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GPS submarine (U-QPS)

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Underwater Quick
Positioning System (U-QPS)

Patented software and hardware eco-system providing your FIFISH ROV with real-time location tracking, three-dimensional dive path recordings, labeling multiple points of interest (POI), and more.



Detailed Dive Path Recordings

The U-QPS utilizes and combines various mapping software to display and track the ROV’s path of movement during the dive session with the FIFISH.


Real-time Location Display

QYSEA’s U-QPS delivers a detailed and accurate display of the FIFISH ROV’s real-time position, angle, depth, altitude, and distance.



Up to 200m Working Depth

QYSEA’s U-QPS comes available with a 100m and 200m working depth model. Can be integrated with the professional models for for comprehensive search and recovery missions.



Point of Interest Recordings

Through the integrated FIFISH APP, operators are able to set Point-of-interest (POI) locations at any point in time during the diving operation.




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Locator Depth Rating 200m
Locator Operating Temperature -5℃ ~ 60℃
Locator Battery Lifetime ~10 Hours
Locator Range 100m or 300m
Locator Directivity Omnidirectional (360 Degrees)
Receiver Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
Receiver Transducers 4x
Receiver Directivity Omnidirectional (360 Degrees)
Max Range 300m
Frequency 31.25-250KHz
Cable 10m
Which FIFISH ROV model is the add-on tool compatible with?

This add-on tool is compatible with the following FIFISH Underwater Robots:

  • – FIFISH V6s
  • – FIFISH V6